Location factors

The town of Geilenkirchen is small town with approx. 29,000 inhabitants. It is located centrally between the larger cities of Aachen, Mönchengladbach and Heerlen/NL.

The ESC, north of the town centre, has a favourable location, is easy to reach and therefore provides ideal connections.
The following list contains the distances of various locations to the ESC:

Autobahn connections:

A 46 Heinsberg 6 km
A 44 Aldenhoven13 km


Düsseldorf 65 km
Maastricht/Aachen35 km
Mönchengladbach39 km


Neuss 56 km
Roermond/NL30 km

There are two railway stations in the town district of Geilenkirchen. Trains travel to Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Aachen.
A local public travel network is also available.

The town of Geilenkirchen has a reputable school system, from which the ESC can also benefit as an economic location.

Another advantage of Geilenkirchen is its proximity to the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH: Technical College) and colleges in Aachen. The college and research centre in Jülich and the Frauenhofer Institute in Jülich enhance the education facilities in the area.

You can find more information on the town of Geilenkirchen on its Homepage at (www.geilenkirchen.de).


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